Largest Bitcoin Gaming Winners: Life Changing Winners

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have brought new excitement into the gaming world as it is an unregulated currency. This means that it can be used by anyone across the globe to wager in online bitcoin gaming sites. As you can bet anonymously and withdraw instantly, it has become a growing trend for those who like to gamble, but don’t like the current situation of online websites that take weeks to process withdrawals.

As people use their country’s currency to buy bitcoin on sites like this, they send their bitcoin to their wallets of their favorite gaming site and place bets trying to make life-changing money. We have the best examples of these big winners here.

$5,732,253.11 –  (0.2 BTC –> 765.65 BTC)

Quoting the original post from CoinSpeaker, Bitcoin Video Casino is known to offer the best odds in the industry with an expected return rate of at least 99.5%; this means that the house edge is just 0.5% or less depending on which game is played. Previous payouts on Bitcoin Video Casino’s platform have been as high as 765.65 BTCs for a 0.2 BTC bet (in May 2014). Other top payouts, including the latest, are listed in the “Big Wins” section of the platform.”

The post was originally about a separate winner who won 259.74 BTC playing here, but to have the site’s owner comment about a past winner of 765.65 BTC is astonishing. Over five and a half million dollars and nobody knows who he is or what he plans on doing with it. Fascinating story!

We went and looked up the “Big Wins” on the site and found the following image..

So we translated the bitcoin values into dollar amounts and made this sheet.

Look how many people placed $1.54 bets and won over $100,000! If you think this has been fun to see, we’re just getting started…


A major difference in crypto gaming vs the rest of the online gaming world is that due to the anonymous nature of it all, most sites will post “Top Players” or “Leaderboards.” Here is a site that posts the following three images.

  • You can find these stats yourself by clicking here

Our next story is someone who goes by name Letterman43 over at CryptoSlots

  • Won $1,000,000
  • There is a million dollar jackpot he won that they recently announced,