How People in India Are Making Money Online [Crypto/Investments/Passive]

This list was completed by our team of digital asset professionals in India who manage and grow money online. The list includes a link to the correct website and an easy explanation of how to make money.

India has one of the fastest, digital revolutions for cryptocurrencies and the opportunity for one to still be early is now. Therefore, we’ve dedicated this post primarily for the people of India. All of these methods have been tested and found to work.

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If you’re reading this, you can be one of the few who make a fortune over the next year. If you take this list seriously. We also love to hear strategies others do as well! If we try them out and profit, we can share with our small community!

Here are the proven ways you can start making money with crypto:

  1. DogeBank
    • No cost to start earning
    • Reinvest to multiply earnings
    • Withdraw whenever you want
    • Buy Bitcoin by going here
        • Exchange that bitcoin into Doge by going here
        • Set the Dogecoin Receiving Address as the address in your DogeBank account.
  2. BonusBitcoin
    • No cost payments every 15 minutes
    • 5% added bonus every day
    • Chance for large payment
    • Easy and quick to use
    • Withdraw whenever you want
  3. Coming soon…