The Most Luxurious Homes of the Wealthy in the USA

Fact: There are 13.8 million households worth over a million dollars. Wondering what makes these people stand apart from the rest?

Driving the most voluntary transactions in the world, the United States is known for it’s economic power. Here is a glimpse inside the world of the ultra rich with some facts about wealth and how you can obtain it!

The United States has 3,016 households that are worth over $100,000,000. Common in politics today, you will find that there is a lot of hate directed towards the ultra rich.

Fact: Your current situation is the result of every decision you’ve made up until now. The same will be true in 5 years.. so what decision will you begin to make?

The number one thing that determines how wealthy you will become is your self confidence and your ability to learn from failure. You cannot find a single wealthy person who hasn’t failed. In fact, the harder and more often you fail, the better your chances are to achieve your financial dreams.

You have to fail while giving your absolute best. Yes, you have to realize your weaknesses – you have to realize what it takes to become what you want to become. Nobody owes you anything. One of the worst things you might have in your life is someone who criticizes your failures. Is your spouse..? Is it your friends..? More often than not, it’s family. People who like to laugh at you and make you believe you can’t do anything. Even the small things like the way you talk or the way you write. You must stay as far away from these people at all times. You must get their influence on your life away.

Now, you need to realize what you have a natural talent for. Something you do better than the people you’re around. It can be as silly as cooking… listening to people who like to tell you their problems.. or even mathematics.

Think about the people in your life who also think that you are exceptionally good at whatever your skill is. These are the people you need to spend the majority of your time with.

You must fail and must fail BIG. Shocked? If you want big, you have to aim big and when you aim big, you fail big. Nobody achieves their dreams on the first shot – all you will learn is one more reason and direction NOT to go. I could sit here all day and explain to you all the failures of all of the successful people you admire, but to save time – realize that you must fail. This is why you need to be surrounded by people who understand you are learning – not failing.

You only truly fail when you give up or quit.